Study of impressive elements on the export of cultural goods in Iran & presentation of managerial strategies

Document Type : Research Paper


The purpose of this research is surveying of the impressive elements on export of
cultural goods such as common religion, common language, economic growth and
geographical distance and studying the current situation of that in Iran. At first, some
definition for cultural goods is presented and then through the study of cultural policy
makings, the importance and place of economy of culture is explained. Also there are
explanations about subjects such as market and culture, the role of government in arts,
export, WTO’s viewpoints and experiences and challenges of other countries in
culture and cultural goods and some of the findings of researches.
At the end, along with presentation of a conceptual model, research’s questions,
hypothesis and goals are represented. Analyzing of data shows that export of cultural
goods to the countries with negative economic growth is more than other counties.