The Role of Cultural Strategic Planning In Survival of Organizations

Document Type : Research Paper


Introduction&Objective: This research studies the fundamental role of culture and
it’s relation to strategy in order to cultural strategic planning in survival of
Materials&Methods: The intended hypotheses in this research are;
1.Internal cohesion(Human nature_either good or bad,The nature of human
relationships ,Task_work VS Relativism,particularism VS
Popularism,Hierachy& Individualism VS Collectivism)
2. External adjastment (Related to control nature, Abtinece of unknowings, the
nature of human actions, to do VS Tobe, Access VS Contribution, The nature of
reality & actuality)
3. Central assumptions (Personal&physical territory, Language, Simple &
Complicated, Time, one&multi_dimension(s), the past, present&future)
Results&Conclusion: The findings show ‘It is necessary to pay more attention to
culture in relation to cultural strategic planning in order to utilize resources &
facilities of organizations