Design the Pattern ‘Developing Of ExportingCultural Goods’

Document Type : Research Paper


It seems Iranian cultural market and position of
economy_culture can get growth,If economic view to culture related to administrative
levels accompany with un-normal judgment of logic and scientific economic
attitude.It will also get free choices to consumers.
Materials&Methods: This research is ‘Applicable by purpose’and ‘Descriptive
(correlative) by method’ with a Questionnare includes 35factors after Validity &
Reliability.The sample has 77 managers, practionares and experts at Indusry of
cultural goods exporting as ‘Statistical population’.
Results&Conclusion:according to the test,the findings reveal “from 1st to 7th
hypotheses,there is a positive and significant relation between knowing
environmental& competitive factors in world markets,supportive policy of
government,product price,type & distribution,And amount of cultural goods
Results&Conclusion:According to Candol test,first,’supportive policy of
government’, then‘knowing competitive factors in world markets’,last’product price
& knowing environmental factors’ have the most effectiveness in developing of
exporting cultural goods