Studying The Present& Ideal positions Of Iranian Culture From Practionares& Elites’ Point Of View_According To Scientific-Domestic Indicators(Characteristics Of Society defined in Iranian Strategic Perspective Document[ISPD]) In Order To Administrate Cultural Management

Document Type : Research Paper


This research studies present culture and the ways to
Ideal culture defined in Iranian Strategic Perspective Document [ISPD] by the
methods of measurement.The purpose is”To represent a scientific-domestic
pattern of culture, adjusted to [ISPD].So, the cons & pros of present culture, it’s
levels, factors & indicators are defined by Edgar Shine’s view point.Then, The
factors and Indicators of Ideal culture in [ISPD] is revealed by cultural
Materials&Methods: The collective data is analyzed by the statistic methods, the
pattern of Ideal culture and its cons&pros are stated.
Results&Conclusion: The findings try to decrease the gap between present and
ideal cultures via cultural management techniques in a frame of cultural strategy.